Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Always Want What You Can't Have

Dinner date update:

Wtf?  Why do I think that anything will go as planned?

You know you're in trouble when the first thing he says to you is..."there's all of your stuff.  I think I got everything."

"Um...thanks?  So why'd you ask me to go to dinner?"

"I don't know I thought you'd want to talk."

Head games?  Or is he really just like that?  After this initial mood setter, K and I were off to Wendys (yes, the fast food one) to discuss our f-ed up relationship or lack there of.  2 hours of discussing everything that went wrong, we both decided this was not the time to jump back into a relationship.  This is what I wanted, but the fact that he had the same idea really infuriated me, you guys.  Then I went into defense mode...

After packing my stuff into my car, we did one last dramatic stare at each other before the make out session.  I'm not proud of it, and I'll deny it to most of my friends, but one thing led to another and my plan was completely ruined.  K asked me to stay the night.  I thought maybe with the little dignity that I had left, I would be able to deny him easily and leave.

This is about the time that I locked my keys into my car.  I had to use his AAA to unlock my trunk, and awkwardly stand outside in the rain.  I guess it wouldn't be my life without that nice touch. 

The consensus: taking things day by day.  What does that mean?  Haven't heard from him yet, but I'm sure as hell confused.

Hope you're day is better!


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