Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cat From Hell

Heard from K yesterday for 2 seconds.  Got a text about his stupid cat.  Never have I been someone to say those words together.  I'm an animal lover, and I would join Peta if I could ditch chicken, but that f-ing cat is where the root of all of our problems started.

K doesn't need me when he has the cat.  When we got up in the morning, he would kiss the cat "hello."  The cat gets special toys and treats, but I got flowers one freaking time.  He would joke that I was jealous of an animal, but it wasn't a joke and I fully admit it.  Anyway, that's what the ONE text was about. 

Finally got the job that I have wanted for soo long.  Called friends and family to discuss it and everyone was planning on how we're going to celebrate.  Called K...2 hours later he called back.  The conversation was 2 minutes of me talking and him asking awkward questions....then he rushed off the phone because he had to make dinner.

#1...he doesn't cook dinner.  It's a boys house and way too disgusting to use the stove.  This is one of the most important moments in my life and you're blowing me off?

This is where I need to learn to control myself.  I texted K about how much he sucks, and if he wants this to work he needs to put in effort like I am blah,blah,blah.  Then I cried.

In my head this ended with me getting roses and attention, but in real life, he's pissed at me because "nothing has changed" and I am mean.  He doesn't know if he can do this.  Again?  Seriously.  What a rollarcoaster.  Atleast I got a job to drown my sorrows into for a little.

Happy Thursday!


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