Monday, January 30, 2012

The trials and tribulations of Online Dating

So much has happened over the past 24 hours that I am having a hard time trying to focus what I want to write about.

Here's the story:

I got really really REALLY bored last night. SO I made a "Plenty of Fish" Account for funsies. And I have to tell you, it's SOOOOOO entertaining. Coming from someone who tried for three months, this is a whole different ball game. The guys are much more forward and I get the sense that most of them just want to hook up.

I was on the site for 24 hours, got 70 messages. I'm not exaggerating. Here are few things that are my pet peeves of online dating from this experience so far:

- Don't just send me a message saying.."damn I love your smile." Great, well that's not corny or anything. SAY SOMETHING WITH SUBSTANCE! One liners and pick up lines aren't going to do it.

-Don't start or end your message with. So why is a pretty girl like you on this website? You don't belong on here? Ok....UM....why are YOU on here though? Are you trying to say something about me? Like.....way to be judgey about me joining an online dating site. I hate to tell are on the same site as me hunnie.

-Don't tell me you REALLY like or are "crushing on me" after 24 hours of talking to me. That's disgusting and desperate. You don't EVEN KNOW ME! I could be the "Plenty of Fish" killer for all you know. Get a life.

-Don't hand out your number like it's seriously..DESPERATE.

-Don't send a girl you barely know a picture of you flexing at the gym. That will get you on tool academy, not a relationship.

-Don't ask a girl to come "cuddle on the couch" for your first meeting. Do you really think it will be that easy?? Where's the wow factor in that first date. ASSHOLES.

I'm convinced there is no happy medium and now am officially team My three month is experience was much more tame and mature than this free for all on "POF."

This plenty of fish bullshit is for the birds.

If you have a story that will prove me wrong and found love on this site, please share and try to give me and the rest of the world hope.



  1. Ahh I remember trying POF back in my junior college days. It was CREEPY! The guys would send "cuddle" messages and give out their phone number like free candy on Halloween and basically bug you to death about getting your number. Zoosk is the same way (yup, tried that one out back in the day too).

    It also annoys me with online dating that you can specifically put on your profile the age/location/whatever you are looking for in a potential romance, yet guys WAY outside that bracket still message you like they're going to be the one that changes your mind. Sorry, I want someone 24-29 in my area, not a guy 35-50 halfway across the country. :)

  2. YES!! I've been getting so many cuddle messages! Ok, I am glad it's not just me! I totally agree about the messages from people so far away. Obviously you don't want a real relationship and are just looking for someone to talk to. Ugh. Where are the normal ones??

    1. Obviously, the normal guys aren't on the free dating sites. I'm too cheap to try or any of those!

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