Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drunk Blog

It's my BLOG, and I'll do what I want to.

I wasn't trying to be drunk tonight.  I blame this on my friend R (Sunrise Maragaritas) and my mom-

But I'm not complaining except for the fact that I have to be up for work as a PROFESSIONAL in 5 hours.  And that my favorite episodes of Friends are on (I LOVE MONICA AND CHANDLER).....

After single 90s tv show watching for a few weeks, I have new "perfect" men in mind:

Chandler from "Friends"
Doug from "King of Queens"
Pacey "Dawson's Creek"  where else?
And Doug Funnie

As of now, I'm over the text message that I got earlier...

"you're not my problem anymore, figure it out..."  I don't even have the heart to respond to that with the "Fuck U" that I should say.  Probably the most hurtful text ever.  But, I'm LAUGHING and atleast it's kinda funny for now...until tomorrow.

my brother just made me pancakes, and life is good.


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