Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lesson Learned

I'm the most hungover that I've ever been in my life, so I would not be on here blogging if I didn't think that what I'm about to say is very life changing!

Last night I was out and about at different bars.  Each bar I went to there seemed to be some older person drawn to my friends and me in order to tell us life advice.  The last bar of the night there was a man who called me over.  He looked about 40, but lied and said he was 32.  Either way, too old.  Anyway, he asked if I was this point I wasn't thinking fast enough to lie, so I said "yes," and he said, "what are you waiting for?"

Um, what?  I'm still young, I'm finally having a GREAT night, and you're going to start this?

I responded with the typical, "the right guy."

He laughed and informed me that there is no right guy.  That every guy is going to have something that isn't going to be "right" for me.  So I was pretty pissed by this point.  WHAT IS THE RIGHT STEP THEN?  WHAT SHOULD I BE WAITING FOR?

His response makes me very upset, but it probably very, sadly true.

He said, "you know that guy who texts you and calls you all the time?  He's really nice, but he makes you sick."  Yes, guys, he used the phrase 'makes you sick.'  Perfect.  OF COURSE, I know a lot of those guys, but they make me sick, and therefore, I hate them.  Then he said,

"You know that guy that you're obsessed with?  The one that you never really fully had, but you've convinced you're in love with?" Sure do!

"Well, he's going to cheat on you if he hasn't already stopped talking to you because he can't manage to get the hang of things.  He's still selfish, and you can't fully have him.  So stop."


At this point in my drunken state, I told him that I write a blog and that I would like to do a Q & A with him, so we exchanged numbers which was a huge mistake.  Nine texts later, I need to learn how to block a number.

But the good news, guys, is that I went out last night, and I had a great time.  And life keeps moving, and I can breathe, and I'm actually happy. 

Lesson learned!


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