Friday, March 9, 2012

Where to meet guys: Part 1: The Bar

I'm starting a new "blog project" if you will. I've been trying to think of ways to meet guys since I have absolutely no prospects in my life right now. Even if nothing comes of it, I think I will end up with good stories and maybe some insight to share with the single girls who are wondering (quote shit girls say), "are there gonna be hot guys there?..where do I go to meet guys?" But seriously....where do we go to meet guys?????

Part one of this adventure starts at a classy little place we call a liquor establishment..aka the bar.

I met my last love interest, N, at the bar and we all remember how that turned out for me. Horrific. However, it did turn into something more than a hook up and had potential before he turned out to be an asshole. So last night, I went out with some friends and was "on the prowl."

I met 3 kind of guys last night:

1. The married man

Why do I always start talking to guys with rings on their finger?? Maybe because I know they are off limits so it's the easy way out? The two most beautiful men at the bar last night were married and they fully admitted to being so. I spent part of the night talking to them about relationships, which is always very interesting. I always get the same answer from the married men I chat it up with. Don't give it up right away. Play hard to get. I'm going to seriously take this advice to heart. (as you remember I took the pledge to not hook up before I start dating someone). It has been totally successful so far. These married guys were a little shady though. The one told me he had an open marriage because his wife lived in California. Can you believe I bought that for one minute? I found out from his friend that his wife lives right here with him in South Carolina. Real original. Obviously nothing healthy or good is going to come out of meeting a married man at the bar. Next prospect:

2. The party guy

Last night I also talked to a few guys that were pretty drunk. They were fun, on the dance floor, and having a grand old time. There are good and bad aspects to this kind of guy at the bar. He is definitely entertaining and great to have some fun with. But is this type of guy a huge red flag? I'm gonna go with yes.....and no. You have to feel it out. For example, the one guy I was talking to last night mentioned that he goes to the certain bar we were at every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Um....ok. You are almost 30 and I get that you are single so you can do what you want, but do I really want to pursue someone who needs to spend every night of the weekend at the bar? Probably not.

On the other side of that spectrum though, there was a guy that I talked to last night that just seemed to really need a night out. We've all been there. His friends kept telling me that they couldn't believe he was acting like this because usually he is the most shy guy ever. Good for him. He obviously needed to let loose. The only deal breaker for me with him last night that he was really sloppy drunk. The sparks weren't going to fly for us last night while he was stumbling around wasted.

Finally we move on to prospect number 3...

3. The guy sitting by himself at the bar. This was our last stop of the night and it was around 1am. I figured I had nothing to lose so I went right up to the bar, sat down beside him, and said, hey I'm C, how's your night?? A little forward, I know, but he seemed to be into it.

We talked for about 20 minutes and then my friends rounded me up to go home. When I said I had to go, he didn't ask for my number. Just a plain old, nice to meet you.

Hmmm..maybe he just needed someone to talk to and he had a girlfriend at home? Or...he just wasn't that into me.

So after my little night of research do I think it's possible to meet a guy at the bar? Yes. Do I think it's the best place to meet a guy? No. There are too many sketchy people out there that sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a good guy and a scum bag that's just looking for a girl to take home.

Part 1 of my journey was unsuccessful.

Stay tuned to find out where I go man huntin' next! ;)

On the prowl,



  1. Ohhh the bar. If you're graduated from college, it sometimes seems like the bar is the only place to meet guys. I agree that probably 90% of the men (or boys) at a bar are just looking to hook up. However, what my friends and I always say is, we are at the bar too, aren't we? We are putting ourselves in the same situation, so there has to be guys like us there too, right? (i.e. guys looking for something more than a hookup) Who knows, though. I'm really looking forward to reading your other suggestions!! The bar scene is getting pretty worn out for me...

  2. I agree with that completely. Me and my friends say the same thing all the time, but it never seems to work in our favor. I'm so over the bar scene. I think online is the next obvious place that I'll write about but then I'm going to need to start getting creative. Let me know if you have any suggestions!