Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What do you think is going to happen???

One thing that I really do not understand is when guys try to pick up girls in the following ways:

1. On a highway. If I'm stopped beside you at a red light and you "holla at me." What do you really think is going to happen? Do you think I'm going to jump out of my car and into yours??? Do you think I'm going to sign you my number?? Do you think you can follow me wherever I go and try to get to know me better?

Nothing will come out of yelling things at me in car. It's not at all flattering or attractive. Stop it.

2. When I am running by you (either you are in your car or outside). Again, do you think I'm going to stop my workout to say hi?? Nope...you are creepy.

3. Cheesy pick up lines. The fact that #RejectedPickupLines is trending on twitter made me laugh and think back to the ridiculous things guys have said to me...usually at bars.

Here's what pick up lines have been thrown at me before:

"If you were a screen door, I'd slam you so hard." HAHAHAHA. Ok, I admit it. I give this guy credit...HILARIOUS!! If he was trying to be funny, we would have totally worked out. The problem is he was completely serious about it.

"Damn girl you are the hottest girl in this bar" Ok, you can say that to me after you've bought me a few drinks, but saying something about my appearance in a sexual way isn't going to make me attracted to you. You do not seem genuine. You seem like a creep.

"You're crazy in bed aren't you?" This isn't a joke...some guy legit said this to me at the bar. He told me he could tell I was a freak because of the tights I was wearing.....umm. He was stumbling around so wasted that I don't even think he knew his name. Ew.

Why can't guys just stick with normal lines like, hi my name is _____ how are you? Or hows your night going? Or just a HEY whats up! This corny bullshit has to go.

#20sdatingdrama is always entertaining,


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  1. I really wonder if these guys think those lines are going to work. Do they not realize that just saying hello and starting up a conversation would work a million times better!