Sunday, April 1, 2012

So Typical

Everything about this weekend was very typical.

I thought I would spice things up a bit and go to a horse race aka a shit show of day drinking with some friends in my grad program. In the back of my mind, I thought that this was a great way to creep on some drinking and creeping, how could things get any better?

Things started out slow but then heated up once some fine young gentlemen stopped by our tent and started chatting us up. I started talking to this guy who was actually not my type at all. I like shorter soccer player bod types. He was more of the center in basketball type, and he kinda reminded me of Vince Vaughn or Jason Segal...he was kinda goofy. He was charming though and told me my eyes were gorgeous and asked me to take a walk down by the actual horse race with him. So I agreed and off we went. He was pretty funny and seemed to be confident enough. We started watching the race and he asked if we could make a bet. If my horses won, he had to kiss me. If his horses won, I'd have to kiss him. Totally corny but pretty cute right?

So of course we ended up making out in the middle of a field, me in a white dress and floppy hat, him in baby blue pants and a bow tie. Epitome of a southern dream come true. That was that & when we started to pack up to go home he asked for my number. Pretty legit way to meet someone....or so I thought.

On the way home my friend told me that she recognized him and a few of his friends from Obviously, I am not a rookie to online dating, so I was definitely not weirded out by the fact that he was on match. Thats when the texts started rolling in. Telling me how great it was to meet me and that he hopes he can see me later. Ok, that's cute I can handle that. But then he called me. And told me he missed me.....?

You just met me & you already miss me??? Doubtful.

I gave him a chance though and met up with him later at the bar.

I guess my drunken state was completely worn off because he made me sick. He was trying WAY too hard AND he was the male version of myself. Life of the party, center of attention. I always thought that I wanted a guy more like me...more of a social person and the first one on the dance floor. I learned last night that I don't want that. I don't like competing for attention with my man.

Bottom line is he just tried WAY too hard. Trying to make out with me int he bar. Tried to pull me in a corner booth with him and make out....too much dude.

Is this the curse? I feel like he was kind of insecure and just really overly into me. We knew each other for 12 hours and he was already making plans to go to an event in town over the summer.......too much. At first I thought that it was a good thing that he was on match....that means that he is serious about wanting a relationship. Am I being stereotypical or was he the epitome of the online dating guy?

It doesn't end here. I peaced out of the bar after an hour of hanging out with him. He was physically making me nauseous. After I left, he called me....twice. Left me a drunken voicemail about how he can't believe I left and can't believe I didn't answer my phone. Crazy much?

Where is the happy medium? This guy probably would be totally obsessed with me but because of that, he made my stomach turn.


Back to square one,



  1. This guy sounds like a pick up artist (PUA). I'm not joking. Everything about him sounds like it came off of a pickup message board or out of Neil Strauss' "The Game". A book you should read, if you haven't yet. Trust me, there are guys on dating sites who just want to get laid. That your friend recognized more than one of his friends from is somewhat of a red light to me. The way he kept trying to appear confident, trying to go in for the kiss at the bar, when that didn't work in the open, he tried to isolate you to see if it would work again. All classic 'The Game' PUA moves. You made the right choice to cut the night short. But don't be afraid to date guys who are outgoing because of this chode.

  2. Good LORD what a cling on. Crikey no wonder you bolted! Fab blog x

  3. Thanks for the comments y'all! I appreciate the feedback and the reassurance!