Monday, February 20, 2012

A Guy Like My Dad

Never thought I'd say it, but...
I want a dude like my dad.

Not completely like him. He doesn't talk too much, and he does things that drive me nuts (duh, he's my dad), and he has problems like every other person in the world, but damn, my dad is awesome.

Two Valentine's days ago, my dad brought my flowers to college because I was sad. He is constantly a caring person, and he just listened to me bitch about my life for a good 2 hours. And he said nothing until I was finished. And then he actually gave me advice!

He didn't just blow me off or say that everything will be fine. He actually cares. I need to start talking to my dad more often. He never judges my decisions, and when I call him he ALWAYS answers. Or calls right back.

He puts me first, and that's what I deserve. When people say, "you end up with a guy like your father," I used to freak out. Now it's not looking so bad.

My 3 day weekend is looking to be pretty productive.


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