Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hummus does not equal romance

This weekend when I was visiting my friends, we were sitting on the porch talking when I spotted the newest addition of Cosmo.  Of course I grabbed and started reading some of the corny articles out loud, especially about sex positions and "how to get your guy HOT." So freaking corny.

I came to an interesting segment listing dates to go on with your guy.  I was reading them out loud to everyone and we were cracking up.  I decided to post these unrealistic dates to twitter and I got some awesome responses.  We were all in dude would ever go on half of these dates. 

To give you some insight, a two of the suggestions were "find a bar with board games and play whatever looks fun" (What bar even has board games?!?),  "search for the best hummus in town (WHAT GUY LIKES HUMMUS LET ALONE WANTS TO SEARCH FOR IT???).

Apparently dudes actually submitted these to a dating site where you post date ideas. My question is, how many dudes submitted the one about hummus?  2?  3?  out of 37529837502957320 men in the world.

I'm not saying that all of the suggestions sucked.  One was "go to karaoke bar."  I love that suggestion.  I've had some of the best nights with a group of friends at a karaoke bar. 

I really just don't think it's possible to give everyone a list of dates to spice things up with their significant other.  Every relationship is different ad every couple has their own thing.

I DO, however, think that there could be some suggestions for "get to know you" dates.  Those first few dates with someone tend to be really awkward because you  don't really know what they're into yet, so you have to play it safe.

Here are some of my "get to know you" date ideas that have worked out for so far:

1. Happy hour

There is nothing better than a casual 5 or 6pm cocktail/beer with someone you are just getting to know.  It's not too formal, you don't have to worry about eating in front of the dude, and if you decide your not into them, you don't have to drag it out forever. Two drinks and you can peace.  Another bonus of this is that you can come straight from work which means you are probably dressed to kill ;)

2.  Go on a walk somewhere

Disclosure: do not go into the secluded woods with some dude you do not know.  Some cities/towns have really cool parks/places to walk.  For example, where I  currently live has a really nice, open riverwalk that is always crowded with people.  It's great to go on a casual stroll and walk and talk.  If you live near a beach or another cool trail this is a good way to go.  But seriously, make sure it's during the day and that a lot of people are around.

3.  A fun event

This is a little broad I know, but it really does depend on your interest.  In cities there are always festivals going on.....maybe it's a restaurant festival, a music festival, an outdoor concert, wine tasting, beer festival.

Whatever it is, it's good to see how the guy reacts in social situations and if he's actually a fun time or not.

No offense Cosmo, but I don't really think that hummus or board games is the way to a dude's heart.....


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